Projects Scope

Risk Management connected to ExpansionConsilio assisted a global retail company with its expansion strategy in parts of the Middle East over a three-year period. We helped them get a good understanding of the local, political, financial, cultural and religious influences the expansion would entail. In addition, we also made an assessment on the global risk exposure that the expansion could bring about on political, financial as well as operational level.

Regional Expansion Strategy
Consilio has supported foreign groups of companies looking to expand into Scandinavia. The overall work has included strategic advice, governmental relations, business intelligence as well as communication.

Intelligence Gathering & Strategy Development
Consilio assisted a multinational company in South Asia and the Middle East. We helped them by analysing the political background regarding two specific legal disputes. The work also entailed helping the company develop a sustainable partnership strategy.


We are currently assisting numerous multinationals worldwide in the following regions:

  • North Africa
  • Southeast Asia
  • Central America
  • Europe: East, West, Central & Northern
  • Middle East
  • Russia

We have past experience from working in the following regions:

  • East Africa
  • South & North America