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About us

Who we are

Consilio International AB is an independent geopolitical advisory firm based in Stockholm, Sweden. Consilio was founded in 2011 by Erik Belfrage, Andreas von der Heide, Jan Nygren and Michael Sahlin.

The word "Consilio" in Latin means advice or council. The word describes what Consilio offers its clients and reflects the way we operate: our experts work collectively, as a council, to provide custom-made advice based on the client's specific requirements and unique situation.

Consilio works with the management, boards, and owners of leading multinational corporations across various industries. We provide enhanced decision-making capability and offer insight, strategic advice and access needed by our clients to help realise value and manage risk in an ever-changing and complex global business environment.

We operate internationally in the intersection of economics and politics. We use our geopolitical expertise, our collective experience, and our international network to answer complex questions with our clients in focus. We greatly value the establishment of long-lasting relationships with our clients, while keeping confidentiality and professional integrity as main priorities.