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Market insights and geopolitical assessment


A multinational corporation was reviewing its corporate structure. Through its legal and financial assessment, the client had internally identified five different countries of interest, in which to place a key legal corporate entity. In light of the growing intensity and inconsistency of global politics, the client requested individual evaluations of the relevant countries from a geopolitical perspective.


Within project “NINJA”, Consilio delivered – at short notice – an extensive assessment of the five selected countries. Below are some of the areas of concern that were covered in the assessment, for each country of interest:  

  1. An assessment of the political and legislative system along with potential future changes to this.
  2. A thorough analysis of the banking industry and tax structure in each country relating to areas of concern.
  3. Views and perceptions about each country from the vantage point of:
  4. Other countries of international trade importance
    - International trade organizations
    - NGOs
    - Media outlets

The result

Our contribution resulted in the following positive outcome for the client:

  • Enhanced basis for the corporate structure decision
  • Increased understanding of relevant geopolitical drivers
  • New perspectives and enhanced market insights