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A new US national security strategy has been promulgated in October 2022

Oct 19, 2022

Notable highlights are:

  • Welcoming Finland and Sweden to NATO with further improve US security and capabilities. No questionmark is added in this context.
  • US focus has shifted considerably in the direction of Russia (mentioned more than 70 times in the document) and Ukraine (more than 30 times) in comparison to China (14 times) and Taiwan (7 times).
  • The US does not support Taiwan independence.
  • As regards China the US remains committed to managing the competition responsibly. PRC is described as central to the global economy and has a significant impact on shared challenges, particularly climate change and global public health. The PRC is the only competitor with both the intent to reshape the international order and, increasingly, the economic, diplomatic, military, and technological power to advance that objective.
  • As regards Russia constraining it is seen as the main objective. The relationship to Russia is to a large extent seen through the prism of the war against Ukraine. Still the US commits to sustaining and developing pragmatic modes of interaction to handle issues on which dealing with Russia can be mutually beneficial.
  • The focus on cooperation with European allies, notably the European Union and the UK has several key components. The US wishes to cooperate with the European Union and United Kingdom on US competition with China arguing that this is not a favour to the US.
  • NATO and the European Union are seen as united in standing up to Russia and defending shared values. US supports Ukraine regional integration with the European Union. European security arrangements need to be rebuilt. Bilateral cooperation with the EU on energy security is highlighted.
  • The US has partnered with the European Commission on an ambitious plan to reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels, strengthen European energy security, and advance shared climate goals. Across these efforts, the EU—an integrated market of over 450 million people—is an indispensable partner, and the will support efforts to foster EU unity.
  • The US encourages close cooperation on matters of mutual interest between the EU and the United Kingdom.
  • The US will continue to engage with Turkey to reinforce its strategic, political, economic, and institutional ties to the West.
  • Nuclear deterrence – by the 2030´s of two major nuclear powers remains a top priority. The US remains equally committed to reducing the risk of nuclear war, including through arms control and strengthening the global non-proliferation regime.
  • In parallel the US is broadening its focus towards integrated deterrence beyond conventional and nuclear arms with a very broad concept of security.
  • US strategy to tackle the shared challenges that require global cooperation involves two simultaneous tracks: on one track, the US will fully engage all countries and institutions to cooperate on shared threats, including by pressing for reforms where institutional responses have proven inadequate. At the same time, the US will also redouble efforts to deepen our cooperation with like-minded partners.
  • The US commits to working with allies and partners to harness and scale new technologies.
  • The focus on democratic values, human rights and the rule of law is considerable throughout the 48 page document.