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We provide our clients enhanced decision-making capability and new perspectives in an everchanging global business environment. We do this by delivering services within four distinct areas – Business Intelligence, Strategy, Risk and Crisis Management and Training.

Since 2011, we have on behalf of our clients executed projects all over the world. We combine our partners’ collective experience with strong local networks in the countries we operate in. We make the complex understandable and offer actionable advice answering the client's questions "What does this mean to me?" and "What should I do now?".

As the world is getting more complex and companies face new risks and opportunities, we continuously develop our services to be able to deliver high quality support and advice to our clients. Substantial effort has been invested in the development of data-based, quantitative methods to combine our traditional qualitative approach to geopolitics.

Consilio offers increased decision-making ability in decisions concerning for example expansion, geographical presence, logistics/flows, investments, partnerships, and risk management. Each project is unique and tailored-made to the needs of the client.

Business Intelligence

Customized geopolitical intelligence for management, boards, and owners.
One example is Consilio's Corporate Advisory Council, which is a tailored service directed at owners, board members and senior management of multinational companies. The service includes on-going monitoring of geopolitical events and trends, and an analysis of how these processes directly affect the clients' business operations and activities.

The Corporate Advisory Council is a highly interactive process that discloses both business opportunities and risk exposure and is designed to equip the client with a deeper understanding of the dynamics of world politics. Close interactions with Consilio's partners and experts provide multinationals with tools to link shifts in the global order to a company's operations on the ground.


Strategic advice supporting decision-making in complex situations affected by geopolitics.
Consilio advices and supports clients in conjunction with complex investment decisions, corporate challenges and opportunities across any geography and industry tailored to each specific case. We combine geopolitical knowledge with corporate experience, leading not only to the ability of answering complex geopolitical questions but also to an understanding of which questions to address.

Our clients are well acquainted with the world and usually leading in the markets where we support them. They have a profound understanding of the market conditions and their own business environment and they are equipped with highly skilled staff and often other world-leading advisors. Our role is to add a layer of geopolitics to their strategies, put them in a broader context and not seldom to provide a second opinion. We can also often provide new perspectives to provoke our clients thought process.

Risk Assessment and Crisis Management

Assessing risk exposure and managing risks related to geopolitics as well as supporting clients to deal with crises triggered by geopolitical events.
Consilio offers a wide range of services in the field of risk assessment and crises management including geopolitical M&A, due diligence, and geopolitical risk audit.

Consilio can also support clients in developing internal decision-making processes to assess and evaluate risk connected to expansion into new markets. This is often done by utilizing the CBI-index, which consists of world-leading indexes tailored to a specific client.

We can also support clients, or the clients' external communication agencies, with crisis management by adding geopolitical competence and understanding of underlaying political issues connected to the crises. If you understand the geopolitical elements of a crisis it is easier to deal with it.


Training and educating managers and other decision-makers in geopolitics to enhance clients’ internal decision-making capabilities.
Consilio offers training and awareness for managers and other decision-makers confronted with the complexity of geopolitics. This can be done in a structured manner over time or ad-hoc as needs occur. In several cases we have used past crises as a platform for deeper internal learning processes within our clients organisations, preparing them to deal with future crises triggered by geopolitics.

List of Consilio's ten offers

Consilio can systematically contribute to higher decision-making ability in the following ways:

  1. Geopolitical monitoring of priority markets and analysis of how geopolitics can affect your business from a short-term and a long-term perspective.
  2. Risk analysis of your company's exposure in priority markets, including political risk, economic risk, sustainability risk and risk linked to country of origin. We work with a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods where data is collected from leading sources around the world.

  3. Case study of risks and opportunities your company may face as a result of expanding into new markets. The study can include both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the countries and the risks associated with activities in specific sectors.

  4. Stakeholder mapping of relevant actors in a particular sector or linked to a specific case. The mapping is conducted with the help of Consilio's high-level worldwide network, with the purpose of adding knowledge before making a decision or prior to negotiations.

  5. Strategic analysis of risks associated with your value chain, distribution chain or logistics. The analysis includes a detailed evaluation of how your flows can be affected by geopolitical processes such as trade policy, armed conflicts, and various forms of economic and political stress.

  6. Evaluate the implications a specific geopolitical policy change may have for your company. For example, a possible US re-entry into the Iran agreement, Brexit and the EU's new green initiative or changes in local power structures in relation-based economies.

  7. In-depth analysis of the broad processes shaping geopolitics and in the long run also the international business climate and how these affect your company in the long term. Examples of processes are the trade war between the United States and China, the acceleration of tech, and the spread of populism.

  8. Strategic advice during a crisis with geopolitical components or linked to complex international markets and events. The support can include advisory meetings with Consilio's team, 24/7 availability from Consilio, written reports and other documentation that complements your own and any communication consultants´ efforts to handle the crisis.

  9. Geopolitical due diligence in regard to acquisitions as a complement to documentation from auditors, banks and other advisers where the acquisition object and its owners and key persons are placed in a geopolitical context. For example, in acquisitions in "sensitive" markets such as Russia, Iran and China.

  10. Hotlines and early warning systems where Consilio monitors important events that may affect your business, such as elections, sharp declines in the stock market, shifts in power, acts of terrorism or social upheavals. These systems are designed based on your needs and can consist of regular notices or calls, alternatively connected to your internal communication.