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Brand loyalty strategy connected to geopolitics


A prominent financial actor in the Nordics was experiencing increased international competition and was as a result interested in enhancing its profile as a global financial actor. The client turned to Consilio for support to host an annual high-level conference in various parts of the world for its key corporate clients.


Within Project “CLOUD”, Consilio worked closely with the client over a period of six years, with responsibility of the following elements:

  1. A market and geopolitical assessment; where should next year’s conference take place?
  2. Plan and implement the conference content – including overall planning, hiring relevant speakers and event preparation – with an outlook towards current affairs and geopolitical headwinds.
  3. Overall responsibility of managing the conference. Conferences were held in South Korea, Singapore, Israel/ Palestine, San Francisco, Indonesia and Abu Dhabi.

The result

Our contribution resulted in the following positive outcome for the client:

  • Substantially enhanced global network
  • Strengthened relations to its key clients
  • Unique geopolitical perspectives and market insights